Monday 16 July 2007

Thanks so much!

Thanks for all the help moving, painting, flooring, kidsitting, etc....

Thanks to John and Sharon (Nana and Grandpa) - who did most of the painting and flooring (and sanding and staining and....) and for help moving, as well

Thanks to Tom - for help with the flooring and moving

Thanks to Ray (Grandpa) - for help with painting and moving, and lots of miscellaneous things throughout the house (fireplace, garbage can, runs to the dump, etc!!)

Thanks to Lynda (Grandma) - for help watching the kids, coming with Mommy on errands and cleaning and such

Thanks to Nicole - for coming with Mommy to help watch the kiddies

Thanks to Jeremy and Mary - for help on moving day (and for those other times, too Jeremy)

Thanks to Shannon and Cary - for places to go on the many runs back and forth from the old place to the new

Thanks to Jim - for lending the shop vac, the awesome step-stool and extension cord

Thanks to anyone I've forgotten at the moment!!


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