Monday 9 August 2010

A construction site, the Children's Museum and Toys R Us...

That was Zach's wish list for his 'date day with Mommy'.

I asked him where he wanted to go on our date. His first response was, "to Monster Jam!" Then I explained it only comes once a year - and we had to stay in Kitchener for our date. :)

Then his list was:
A construction site
The Children's Museum
Toys R Us (or Toys R Ust, as he says... and he's adamant it ends in a 'T')

I saw on Twitter that there had been a water main break on King Street (explained my detour earlier in the day) and there was now a sinkhole. When I saw the picture of the sinkhole....

... I saw it was right outside The Museum. Perfect! We could knock two things off Zach's list in one visit.

So, we drove to The Museum and parked behind it, walked up to the door only to find it was closed... due to the water main break! Of course!! Duh!!...  It was all ok because I reminded Zach we were about to go around to see the construction. He was disappointed, of course, but that faded fast as we walked around front to see not one, but TWO diggers working on the scene. :) Plus a dump truck, then a water truck came along. "Mommy! A tanker truck!" He was very excited. We watched for about 45 minutes. A worker gave him a rock to take home. He was in heaven.

After we left downtown, we went to the Toys R Us plaza and went to, of course, Toys R Us, but we also discovered SugarLips - a candy store that has British imports and retro candy. Yay! We also visited the aquarium store and saw LOTS of fish, turtles, snakes, crabs and such.

A very, very fun 'date day' indeed!

Photo credit: (@RockstarGary)
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