Monday 30 August 2010

Such a sweet boy

Quick back story. Zach and Alex were staying at Nana and Grandpa's place. They'd been there since Wednesday. I get a call on Saturday from Nana. Apparently they'd both had fevers since Wednesday! And now they had some spots. So, I went and picked them up Saturday night and we canceled Alexandria's sixth birthday party for the following day. :(  Poor baby. She was so disappointed, but what can you do?..

Anyhoo.. tonight (Monday night) Zach hopped in the bath and Alex wanted to shower so she was waiting. Zachary had his bath, played and had fun. While he was in the water, more rash appeared on his butt - which makes me think it might be chicken pox (even though they said no to measles and pox yesterday at emerg.) Because of that, I wanted Alex to have a bath, too, to see if the same thing happened to her.

I guess Zachary reached his fill of the bath and he pulled the plug. I said Alex was going to have a bath right after and asked why he pulled the plug to let the water out. His reply, "So Alex doesn't have to sit in my fart water."

Now that's sibling love. :)
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