Monday 9 August 2010

Sounds from the basement...

Right now the kids are downstairs "cleaning up" the playroom. This usually entails Alexandria cleaning up and Zachary hindering her efforts while she yells at him to help.

Right now however, they are getting along quite well. I'm not convinced there is cleaning going on, but they're having too much fun for me to interrupt.

They were reciting 'rules' back and forth to each other:
"No bringing drinks down here."
"No throwing balls in the house."
"No throwing toys."
"No throwing THAT!"

And now there seems to be some sort of game that has spontaneously erupted. I hear, "Zach! Try to score on my net!... That's not a net!" and then, "Woo hoo!!"

Daddy just went down and interrupted to get things back on track. Daddy's not a happy camper right now. It's actually a bit refreshing that's he's being 'the bad guy' instead of me.

... And they're actually still in good moods and working together!

... Nevermind ... Not so much anymore ...
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