Sunday 15 August 2010

That's how SHE blogs... I'm gonna play, too

So, there's this thing going around - a little quiz or interview - for people that are going to Blissdom Canada. I was one of the lucky few to snag an early bird ticket and I am so excited about this great opportunity! There are so many amazing people going, it's gonna be great. :) I've seen a few people do this already, such as Lisa (who started this whole thing), Sharon, Caroline, Sara, and Nolie - among others (check out Lisa's original post for other links.)

If you'd like to do it, too, here's how to play:

a) Cut and paste the quiz onto your blog.
b) Delete my answers (after carefully studying and committing each to memory. What?).
c) Answer the questions (feel free to embellish and totally make stuff up. I do it all the time).
d) Tweet a few of the bloggers you’d love to get to know better and invite them to play along.
e) In the comment section at Lisa’s blog post, leave a link to your blog where you’ve answered the quiz questions. Though you can leave it here as well so that you make sure I see it and go check out your answers.

1.    Did you attend Blogher10? Nope. Sad panda. It looked like SO much fun. In New York City?! With all those amazing women - a couple men (@ThatEricAlper and @UnMarketing were there, too - and wore tutus... but that's another post.)
2.   Are you attending BlissdomCanada this fall? Yes and I am sooooo looking forward to it. I am excited from a business stand point. I'm excited from a personal stand point. And really, to me, those are one and the same anyway.
3.    When are you at your blogging best – a.m. or p.m.? I guess I blog mostly at night - after the kids have lost consciousness until the morning light.
4.    How many blogs do you have? (Include the links) Just the one you're reading now. Do you need the link? Really? Ok.. Here you go. Go ahead. Click it. I'll wait....  ....  Ok.. you're back? Good. Let's move on.
I do plan to have a blog as part of my business website and incorporate all the books I design into it.
5.  What technical skill would you like to learn to improve your blog? I'm hoping to get some ideas on how to make my business blog rock. I need to learn Wordpress and all the magic I can wield with it. As far as the blog you're reading? It's just my personal blog. The snippets of our lives kept so that we might look back on them one day and see what we were doing and remember the little things. So really, I'm good with how it's going. That other people even read it still blows me away.
6.    Do you prefer the sound of silence or does action abound while you blog? I don't mind tv or music going on the background, but can't do the actual human interaction thing while I'm blogging. Sometimes the conversations I overhear or participate in ARE the blog post.
7.    Do you include the names of your family in your blog? I do. It's our personal blog and was started really as a way to keep family and friends in the loop at THEIR on choosing, rather than having emails thrust upon them.
8.    Do you post pictures or videos of your children? Yes. Again, for reasons above. This blog is about us. And I've made our blog into books for us to cherish. So, it's us. Our pictures. And sometimes video that I want to share.
9.    What’s the grossest thing you’ve spilled on your keyboard? I try to not to consume too much near the computer. I'm careful and haven't spilled anything - except some deep, dark secrets. ;)
10.    Ever posted something you wrote while intoxicated? I don't thing I've BEEN intoxicated since I started this blog.... Sad, isn't it?
11.    Do you go back and edit old posts just because you can? Not until they're in the book. Then I go back and edit so I look as if I did at least graduate grade school. Sum of ma mistakes are purdy silly.
12.    Have you ever suspected somebody took something you wrote and pawned it off as their own? I don't think so.... What would they steal, really?
13.    Does your spouse read your blog? What do they say about it? Nope. He doesn't. Not usually. Neither do the in-laws. My great uncle-in-law does though. Hi! :)
14.    What’s something cool/positive/unexpected for you, that has resulted directly from blogging? Some cool things. I've been approached to be a part of roundtable discussions - got to meet Maple Leaf Foods president, Michael McCain at this one. I've been offered tickets to events I was already talking about anyway - and sometimes I get to share free tickets with some readers. Kathy Buckworth gave me a shout-out about my Julie and Julia thing I was doing with her book 'Shut Up and Eat' while she was being interviewed on the radio. I was also very flattered (read: blown away) that parenting guru extraordinaire Ann Douglas commented (on my facebook link) and shared my post 'What kind of mom...' - And I also LOVE that I know these fabulous women because of Twitter - again, that's for another post!
15.    Link to a post (or two) which demonstrate your writing style: I'm not sure I have a 'style'... It's really just stream-of-consciousness blogging. Sometimes it's two sentences. Sometimes much, MUCH more! Mostly it's about what's going on in our day-to-day lives, but sometimes it's my opinion that needs to be expressed.
16.  Name a blog(s) that makes you exclaim, “Damn! I wish I’d written that!”

There are so many great blog(ger)s out there, but I'll say, off the top of my head..
Sharon DeVellis is always awesome - and real - and isn't afraid to drop the f-bomb if needed.
CarlyJay has What the Beans?! and is always fabulous.
Always love Sarahcasm, too.

Will I see you at Blissdom!? I hope so!!
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