Tuesday 10 August 2010

Sleepy boy...

Tuesdays are special around here. It's the night Wipeout is on... For some reason, Alexandria and Zachary really like this show (especially Alex). We made them a deal, that once a week they can stay up late to watch. Their usual bedtime routine starts at 7:15, so we're in bed with story before 7:30. On Tuesdays they get to stay up to watch Wipeout at 8pm - and it doesn't end until 9pm. Alexandria is on the ball. every. single. week.

She never lets us miss a Tuesday. :)

So, tonight at about 7:40 I had them start getting ready for bed. Nighttime pee, brush teeth, Zach in his 'nighttime diaper' and into PJs. Alex went about her business and got ready. Zach was fighting me every step of the way. I told him he was too tired and cranky to stay up, so it sounded as if he needed to go to bed. He assured me he was fine. Then I tried to finish brushing his teeth. Tantrum time. One more chance time. He was not having it. So, into bed he went - forcibly. He tried to get out of bed, so I started putting up his gate. "NO! NO Mommy!!" I told him he needed to stay in bed  and I wouldn't put the gate up. Fine. He was hysterically crying by this point. I gently told him to lay down and when he calmed down he could come down to watch Wipeout with Alex.

He laid his head on the pillow and I asked if he wanted to come down now. "No. Not yet. I'll just lie here a moment, Mommy." .. "Alright, Sweetie. Do you want your blanket over you?" ... "Uh huh." ... So, I pulled the blanket up, gave him Curious Cat to cuddle, gave him a kiss and told him he could come down when he was ready ... :)

I knew full-well that was going to be it for him. He's been out cold since 8pm - two hours ago.

... Oh crap. He's calling out now. How did he know I was writing about him? (Daddy just went up and I think Zach's back asleep already...)
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