Saturday 5 May 2007

A blast at the farm!

Grandma is here for the weekend. Yay! More help for Mommy!! Grandpa was briefly here, too, to drop Grandma off and visit. Once Grandma got here, we packed a lunch, packed the kids (still getting used to that being plural!) and headed to Riverdale Farm. Daddy was working so it was Mommy, Alexandria, Zachary and Grandma. Alexandria loved hauling Grandma around to see all the animals, while Mommy kept up with Zach in the double (monster) stroller. Can you believe Zachary slept the WHOLE time!? He ate around 10:30-11:00 and then I had to wake him up at 3:00 to get changed and to eat! Then he went right back to sleep again for the whole car ride and back home for a bit until 6:00pm when he got hungry again. He's still sleeping as we blog. Now, if we could just get him to do that AT NIGHT!!!

Today at the farm the sheep got sheared (missed that part) and then they were herded. Alexandria thought that was pretty cool. She's watching Babe right now - since there's a sheep-herding dog in that, too. We're still trying to get her to understand the difference between the dogs "herding" the sheep and "hurting" the sheep. She's a bit confused at this point by the two words. They do sound very similar.

All and all it was a great day. Great weather. Great fun. Now we're all very tired! Good night.


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