Thursday 24 May 2007

I really did it this time

Well. I was feeling better, so, guess what? I over did it. Just like I had told myself not to. Just like everyone else had warned me not to. But, you get to that point you THINK you're better, so you do what you normally would do and BAM... I set myself back at least a couple of weeks. I'm pretty sore again. Yes, I'm an idiot....

Oh - both kids are napping - at the same time!! And, of course I'm WIDE awake.. can't sleep!

An added note: ... I've just wasted over an hour of both kids napping AT THE SAME TIME. If I had known they would both stay asleep this long I would have forced myself to try to sleep!


mom2peaches said...

ho yah know what you mean! Today one of our neighbours was having their driveway done, I was getting to the point if I heard one more "beep beep" from the stupid mini loader I was going to lose it! I stayed awake thinking the kids were going to wake up because of it! Argghhh!

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