Thursday 17 May 2007

That's not supposed to happen yet!

Zach rolled over! A fluke I'm sure, but sheesh! I put him on his tummy in the playpen, went to the kitchen, came back and he was on his back.

He's already enjoying the piano - as shown in the picture. Alexandria still loves that thing! It's gotten A LOT of use - and it's going to get a lot more.

We're still taking shifts with one of us in the bed actually sleeping, and one on the couch with Zachary - sort of sleeping. We still need to convince him the crib is not a scary place. Soon, soon.... In the meantime, we're pretty tired and nothing is getting done around here! (Although I am doing laundry right now, so SOMETHING is getting accomplished today, I mean other than sustaining the lives of our children).


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