Monday 28 May 2007

Making progress..

First of all, thanks to Nana and Grandpa for coming on Thursday to help a sore Mommy take Alex to the doc (thought she might have another ear infection...) - especially Nana, who set herself back by coming down. (She hurt her back doing "yardwork". I won't go into details here.)

Also, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for coming on the weekend to help out and to visit. Alexandria really had fun with Grandpa this weekend. She was all over him this time! She still loves Grandma, but boy, did she LOVE her Grandpa!! It was too funny when Grandma was talking about grocery shopping and she asked Alexandria if she liked going grocery shopping. Alex replied with "Not with you." Out of the mouth of babes!

On the sleeping front, Zach has been sleeping in his crib from about 12, 1 or 2am or so until his morning feeding around 8am (or 9am this morning). He wakes up once (sometimes more) in between there to eat, but then goes back down. He still has his fussy time in the evening, which is hard, but it's not that bad in the whole scheme of things. Mommy and Daddy are enjoying being able to sleep in the bed again!!

And it was a great morning. We ALL slept in until 9am! Alex, Zach, Mommy and Daddy. Yay!


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