Wednesday 9 May 2007

Screams to left of us, Banging to the right..

Here we are stuck in the middle....

Oh, how we are looking forward to leaving our townhouse! The family on one side CONSTANTLY screams at each other from about 7am in the morning onwards. The neighbours on the other side think it is perfectly fine to nail things to the wall at 9:00, 9:15 or even 10:15 at night! And then test the speaker they just hung on the wall by blasting the bass....

Grandma was here for a few days. She left a few hours ago. Thanks again!! You were a big help. Goofy Grandpa tagged in for the afternoon to help out the Alex and Zach. (Nana's back is keeping her at home today). Thanks so much to Nana and Grandpa for all their help, too!!

I gave Zach a bit of formula last night and he took to it pretty well. He wouldn't settle, so I thought "Let's try something different". He liked it. He looked a bit confused as to how he was getting milk when the jugs were tucked away, but he didn't seem to care! He did settle after that and we had a pretty quiet night. We did still take shifts, though. Zach slept on Jean-Paul downstairs for the first 2/3s of the night and then we switched off in the wee hours and Daddy went up the bed for actual sleep and Mommy took the Zach/couch shift. Although we don't want to make it an unbreakable habit for him to be sleeping on us, we really just need him to sleep at this point - however that happens!


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