Monday 14 May 2007

It's raining men!

Thanks to Drew and Cary for creating a playmate for Zachary! Aidan arrived early (just like big sis Lilly). They were nice enough to make a playmate for Alexandria a couple years ago, so I guess they just thought it was fair that Zach would have a boy his age to play with. I just hope they all like each other when they get older! :)

As for us? We're doing ok. Alex have a cold and a bit of a fever over the weekend, but she's better now. We're still busy trying to get everything done for the house. Just little things here and there. On top of house stuff, I still have to call Angelcare to complain about the "new and improved" monitor and hopefully get my money back - it only picks up sound that's at a certain level. For example a baby crying rather than just making some sounds - stuff you can hear WITHOUT the monitor! I still need to call Graco to complain about the stroller and hopefully get a wheel repair kit. It's two weeks old and has been out about 4 times and the wheel's already loose! And I still have to deal with Wee Watch - they still haven't told us our caregiver is going away for 3 weeks as of June 1 - and they didn't give us a credit we should have gotten. They've been under new management for a few months and the new management still hasn't figured out things yet...

But all in all things are going pretty smoothly, really. I'm recovering pretty well and Zach is sleeping fairly well - again, as long as he's on us.. We'll have to try to get him to sleep in his crib soon. And we've also discoved he likes his tummy better than his back. Of course, you're not supposed to let them sleep on their tummies now. Oh well, it will all come together soon - and we'll be missing this newborn stage because it will be over before we know it. (Can you tell which one's the real baby in the picture?)


mom2peaches said...

well shucks ma'am - you're welcome!

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