Friday 4 May 2007

Losing body parts left and right

Poor little Zachary. His imbilical cord fell off Monday, then Tuesday we took him to get "snipped". He's probably wondering what he's going to lose next!

As far as the snipping went - it wasn't all that smooth... The actual event went well. They numb him with cream for an hour, then there's the needle and a 20 minute wait, then a pretty quick procedure and we were done. That was all wrapped up around noon and we went home. Then he had a diaper change mid-afternoon and he still had a bit of bleeding. I decided not to worry too much yet, then around 6:30 (next diaper change) he was still bleeding a bit, so I called the Doc and he met me back at the clinic. It's great they have a day or night number and are that accessible - but I guess it is a pretty important procedure to get right! The Doc's words were that it was "not worrisome, but not normal either". Great. He said to keep an eye on it, and if it got worse to call him anytime day or night. It got better over the course of the next day and we waited one more day to give Zach a bath. Everything seems to be ok now.

Last night was very exhausting. He was quite fussy. He was quite gassy, too, so I think that may have been it. Daddy and Mommy are pretty tired. Luckily Alexandria isn't bothered by the crying! She's still a great sleeper. She's also quite protective of Mommy now, too. I had said to Jean-Paul I was going to try carrying Zach in a sling. He reminded me I was still recovering and said "Don't be a hero". Alex said to Daddy, "Don't talk to Mommy like that!" She's so cute. She's definitley being more "bull-headed" lately. She loves her little brother, but is acting out in other ways to deal with all these changes. It's been nice that Nana and Grandpa have taken her overnight a couple times since Zach's arrival. We get to sleep a bit more!

Grandma's coming for the weekend, since Daddy has two 12 hour days on Sat and Sun. I could use the extra help. It's great to have all this support!


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