Tuesday 22 May 2007

This little piggy...

Zachary is up to 8 lbs 3 oz already! You can see it in his face. He's getting rounder and he has a double chin :)

I was saying to the midwives today at our appointment that you'd think after a month we'd have gotten the hang of the "peanut" and not be getting peed on anymore. Just after saying that they were undressing him to take a peek at everything and to weigh him when - waterworks! I joked that even trained professionals can't avoid it! Then they took him over to weigh him and Tracy, the primary midwife, said he won't pee again - and bam! Peed on them again! And then about an hour later I was changing him and I had just pulled the diaper back when, you guessed it, he peed again!! I guess he's getting enough milk, eh?! I think it's his way of getting back at us...

And Alexandria amazes us every day. Yesterday we were driving and we passed by a lot with a pile of dirt and chain link fence around it and she said "There's no machines in there." I think it's pretty cool that she saw the lot, processed that it looked like a construction site of sorts and that there should be machines there. It may not seem like much, but I think it's pretty cool she makes those kind of connections. I think she may just be smarter than her mommy and daddy.


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