Saturday 19 May 2007

Who's a big fat man?

Daddy, apparently! Out of the blue the other night Alexandria called Daddy a big, fat man. Poor Daddy!

Both kids are being quiet right now (hence my getting a chance to "blog"). Zach is sleeping in his swing (which he'll do from time to time). His location of choice is still in someone's arms - whose arms he's not picky about. Alexandria is chillin' on the couch watching Mightly Machines. Even though Zachary still won't let us put him down for very long, we're lucky that he's generally not inconsolable. Once he's picked up he does settle (usually). We do have to break him of this habit very soon, though! We're going to have to make a concerted effort to get him to sleep in his crib, at least at night.

Oh, and the poor little dude has a cold (courtesy of his sister). He doesn't get that he could just open his mouth and breathing would be easier. We're using saline drops to help ease the congestion a bit. He's not got it too bad, but it's hard to watch him struggle with it.

Less than three weeks until we close on the house! And then the REAL chaos shall begin!! :)


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