Thursday 10 May 2007

"Out" on my own

I left the house without Zachary for the first time today. I haven't been without him for, what, 9 and a half months! So, it's always a wee bit weird the first time. I went and picked up Alexandria from daycare and took her to the library for a bit of "Mommy and Alex" time. It was short, of course, since I have to fit in my "outings" between feedings!

Today Alex was telling me my tummy wasn't sore anymore and I could hold her now. I told her I was better, but still a bit sore and I would be able to pick her up soon, but not quite yet. I try to cuddle with her as much as possible and give her lots of kisses when Daddy is holding her up.

I'm soooo tired. Maybe I'll try to go to bed now... 'Night!


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